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Tattoo (1981) Blu-ray: Fascinating dark character study

Shout Factory will be releasing Director Bob Brooks’ erotic taboo thriller, Tattoo (1981) on Blu-ray.

His twisted passion for her … and her desire to escape will mark both of their lives forever. In this highly controversial story of unrequited love, a morbid, violent-tempered Vietnam vet lives out his darkest fantasy. Karl Kinsky, a tattoo artist (Bruce Dern, The Hateful Eight) kidnaps a model who has become his obsession. Maud Adams (Octopussy) gives a riveting performance as the woman of his evil desires and the canvas for his full-bodied, ink-laden art.

This daring and visually compelling drama ruthlessly careens down a path of taboos, tattoos and tantalizing seductions. Director Bob Brooks (Space: 1999) combines eroticism, sexuality and love to make Tattoo one of the most suspenseful thrillers ever filmed.

Release date: July 14, 2020
Genre: Horror / Thriller

  • Director: Bob Brooks
  • Cast: Bruce Dern, Maud Adams, Leonard Frey
  • Country: USA
  • Production Year: 1981
  • Discs: 1 Blu-ray Disc
  • Region: A
  • Run Time: 103 minutes
  • Formats: Color / 1.85:1
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitle: English
  • Studio: Shout Factory

Tattoo (1981) trailer

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