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Drama / Thriller

Enigma (1982 / Blu-ray)

Notice: The picture quality of this video does not reflect the picture quality of the blu-ray or DVD in this package.   Trapped behind the Iron Curtain, Alex Holbeck (Martin Sheen, Apocalypse Now), a double agent, tries to find the key to five pending murders by locating a Russian coded micro-processor holding information that would… Continue reading

Action / Adventure

Supergirl (1984 / USA, UK)

“The legend begins…” Ilya and Alexander Salkind continue to bring the lore and legend behind the World’s Greatest Super Hero to the big screen in this follow up to the beloved Christopher Reeve series of Superman films, starring Helen Slater (in her screen debut) as the sensational Supergirl! While Superman grew up believing himself “The… Continue reading