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The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (1987) Severin Films Blu-ray

Severin Films has announced the release of the obscure French gore film, The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (1987), on Blu-ray. Stars Cornelia Wilms and Kathryn Charly.

 In 1987, Parisian pornographers Pierre B. Reinhard and Jean-Claude Roy deviated from their usual high-end skin fare to instead create un cassoulet d’atrocityés that remains the most extreme French gore film in history. When a trio of vixens is killed by corporate-tainted milk, their nubile corpses will rise from the grave for a Jean-Rollin-meets-RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD orgy of depravity that DVD Drive-In calls “A fetishistic ode to blood, breasts and brutality.”

The masterful film sends shivers up your spine and devastates you five times over, then has you longing to wipe the sweat off your brow and start watching all over again.

Phil Villarreal — Arizona Daily Star

Severin Films is proud to present this long-unseen “grimy rhapsody of deviance” (Bleeding Skull), featuring graphic splatter by doomed FX master Benoît Lestang (THE WAX MAX, MARTYRS). Now remastered in HD and spurting with all-new Special Features.

This is considered to be France’s first gore movie and one of the most perverse zombie films ever made.

Release date: July 28, 2020
Genre: Horror

DirectorPierre B. Reinhard
CastCornélia Wilms, Kathryn Charly, Anthea Wyler
Production Year1987
Discs1 Blu-ray Disc
Run Time76 minutes
FormatsColor / 1.78:1
AudioFrench, English
AKALa revanche des mortes vivantes
StudioSeverin Films

Special features

Revisiting the Revenge – Interview with Special Effects Artist Benoit Lestang and Writer Jean-Claude Roy
The Revenge – Interview with Director Pierre B. Reinhard
Inside Studio Lestang – Interview with Special Effects Artist Benoît Lestang
Theatrical Trailer

The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (1987) trailer

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