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Men Behind the Sun (1988): Massacre Video 4K Blu-ray

Cult film label Massacre Video will be releasing Director Tun Fei Mou’s brutal and terrifying World War II film, Men Behind the Sun (1988) on a new 4K restoration Blu-ray edition.

The story of a terror camp at the end of WW2. Japanese troops round up Chinese and Russian prisoners of war and take them to a place called Squadron 731, where they are grotesquely tortured and experimented on to test new biological weapons.

Release date: Summer 2020
Genre: Drama / Horror

Disc and film details

  • Director: Tun Fei Mou
  • Cast: Jianxin Chen, Hsu Gou, Linjie Hao
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Production Year: 1988
  • Discs: 1 Blu-ray Disc
  • Region: A
  • Run Time: 105 minutes
  • Formats: Color / 4K / 1.85:1
  • Audio: Mandarin
  • Subtitle: English
  • AKA: Hei tai yang 731
  • Studio: Massacre Video

Men Behind the Sun (1988) trailer

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