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Lone Wolf McQuade (1983): Scorpion Releasing Blu-ray

Another 80s cult favorite is added to Scorpion Releasing’s portfolio, Director Steve Carver’s Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) will be presented on Blu-ray. Stars Chuck Norris, David Carradine.

Texas ranger J.J. McQuade (Chuck Norris) likes to work by himself, until a Latino state trooper, Kayo Ramos (Robert Beltran), needs his help to find out who hijacked a U.S. Army convoy and hurt Ramos’ daughter. With the help of FBI agent Jackson (Leon Isaac Kennedy), the team tracks down drug trafficker and arms dealer Rawley Wilkes (David Carradine). After Wilkes kills a federal agent, McQuade battles the criminal using all of his skills and training, including guns and martial arts.

Once during an interview, Chuck Norris was asked to comment on David Carradine’s actual martial arts skills, he replied, “David Carradine is every bit as good a martial artist as I am an actor.”

Release date: January 2020
Genre: Action / Crime

Disc and film details

  • Director: Steve Carver
  • Cast: Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera
  • Country: USA
  • Production Year: 1983
  • Discs: 1 Blu-ray Disc
  • Region: A
  • Run Time: 107 minutes
  • Formats: Color / 1.85:1
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitle: English
  • AKA: Lone Wolf
  • Studio: Scorpion Releasing
Lone Wolf McQuade (inside case)

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) trailer

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