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Grizzly (1976) Severin Films Blu-ray: Classic Man vs Nature

Severin Films will be releasing Grizzly (1976) on a 2K restoration edition Blu-ray on April 27, 2021.

Less than a year after the release of Steven Spielberg’s shark blockbuster, director William Girdler (DAY OF THE ANIMALS) and infamous distributor Film Ventures International (GREAT WHITE) brazenly unleashed their own ‘JAWS with claws’ sensation that would become one of the most successful independent horror films in history. Christopher George (PIECES), Andrew Prine (BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD), and Richard Jaeckel (THE DARK) star in this “bloody, sexy and immortal trash classic” (Mondo Digital) about an 18-foot-tall ursus arctos horribilis on a carnivorous rampage through a state park full of campers, and the ranger, chopper pilot and naturalist who must stop it. GRIZZLY now roars with a 2k scan from the internegative plus Special Features produced exclusively for this edition.

Grizzly (1976) — Photo
Image courtesy IMDB

A serviceable Jaws ripoff that was perfect ’70s drive-in fare.

Chuck O’Leary — Fantastica Daily

Release date: April 27, 2021
Genre: Horror / Thriller

DirectorWilliam Girdler
CastChristopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel
Production Year1976
Discs1 Blu-ray Disc
Run Time91 minutes
FormatsColor / 2K / 2.39:1
SubtitleOptional English for main feature
StudioSeverin Films

Special features

Audio Commentary with Mondo Digital’s Nathaniel Thompson and Film Writer Troy Howarth
The Grizzly Details – Interview with Producer David Sheldon and Actress Joan McCall
Towering Fury – Interview with Actor Tom Arcuragi
“NIGHTMARE USA” Author Stephen Thrower On William Girdler
Movie Making in the Wilderness – Vintage Behind-the-Scenes Making Of
Jaws with Claws – Archival Making Of GRIZZLY Featurette
Radio Spots
Reversible Wrap
Region Free

Grizzly (1976) official trailer

Notice: The picture quality of these videos do not reflect the picture quality of the Blu-ray or DVD in this package.

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