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Girls, Guns, and G-Strings: Andy Sidaris Collection (DVD)

The unmistakable formula of Andy Sidaris – beautiful people filmed in exotic locations with an unapologetic amount of explosions, gunplay, Penthouse Pets, and Playboy Playmates all with big-budget production values… and did I mention hot girls in sexy outfits? 

The Andy Sidaris cast includes: Dona Speir, Julie K. Smith, Hope Marie Carlton, Sybil Danning, Roberta Vasquez, Julie Strain, and many more!

For the first time, own the entire library in one attractive 12 Movie DVD Collection from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Girls, Guns, and G-Strings is available for purchase at Amazon.com.

Here’s what you get

The Dallas Connection

Starring Bruce Penhall, Mark Barriere, Julie Strain
(1994) Color Rated R
After his three colleagues are eliminated by assassins, the final remaining scientist wishes to present the computer chip the group had been developing to the authorities. Will our government agents be able to protect the scientist from the trio of beautiful, but deadly, assassins out to steal the chip?

Day of the Warrior

Starring Kevin Light, Cristian Letelier, Julie Strain
(1996) Color Rated R
The agents of L.E.T.H.A.L. find themselves in serious danger when the criminal Warrior targets their elimination and cracks their computer database to discover all of their secrets. The agents must come up with a new strategy to stop Warrior’s forces and take down the mastermind in the process.

Do or Die

Starring Pat Morita, Erik Estrada, Dona Speir
(1991) Color Rated R
A pair of female agents is targeted for elimination by an Asian criminal kingpin out for revenge. The evil mastermind sends out an army of assassins with the same mission, to kill agents Donna and Nicole!

Enemy Gold

Starring Bruce Penhall, Mark Barriere, Julie Strain
(1993) Color Rated R
While on suspension from their jobs as government operatives, a trio of female agents decides to investigate the legend of Quantrill’s hidden gold that he and his Raiders hid at the end of the Civil War.

Fit to Kill

Starring Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez, Bruce Penhall
(1993) Color Rated R
A long-lost Russian diamond is stolen during a gala dinner where it was to be presented to the Russian delegation by a Chinese businessman. Deadly, yet beautiful, the Agency agents must recover the diamond before this escalates into a major international incident.


Starring Erik Estrada, Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez
(1990) Color Rated R
South American criminal Juan Degas has been using the Hawaiian Islands as his base for smuggling weapons from China to Latin America. Tracking their target from Hawaii to Las Vegas, our agents must watch their backs while attempting to take down their prey.

Hard Hunted

Starring Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez, Bruce Penhall
(1992) Color Rated R
An international criminal mastermind has gotten his hands upon a nuclear trigger which could put the entire world at risk. Hoping to retrieve the nuclear trigger before it can be used, the government sends out a team of female agents to the do the job.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Hard Ticket to Hawaii
Starring Ron Moss, Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton
(1987) Color Rated R
A Hawaiian drug kingpin plans to flood the islands with narcotics all financed by illegal diamond shipments to his private retreat. When his henchmen kill two DEA agents who were trying to stop the drug lord, the Agency sends in two of its best agents to break up the drug ring and take out the leader.

Malibu Express

Starring Darby Hinton, Sybil Danning, Art Metrano
(1985) Color Rated R
What appeared to be a simple murder case for private investigator Cody Abilene becomes a complicated matter when you have to factor in all the beautiful women, including the widow, who are potential suspects.

Picasso Trigger

Starring Steve Bond, Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton
(1988) Color Rated R
When agent Picasso Trigger is killed by arch-criminal Miguel Ortiz, the Agency decides to send a trio of female agents out with the task of bringing Ortiz down. Our agents must use all of their skills, specialized weaponry and their physical attributes in order to track down Trigger’s killer.

Return to Savage Beach

Starring Julie Strain, Rodrigo Obregon, Julie K. Smith
(1998) Color Rated R
A hidden treasure trove on a remote Pacific island is being sought by a group of evil men who plan to use the fortune to support their criminal endeavors. Standing in the way of the bad guys are the lovely female agents of L.E.T.H.A.L.; who have the computer disc which contains the location of the treasure.

Savage Beach

Starring Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, John Aprea
(1989) Color Rated R
Two female government agents transporting a vaccine are forced to land their plane on a remote island that houses more than palm trees and sandy beaches. A sunken WWII Japanese ship containing a fortune in gold is located nearby and the island is now the base for a nefarious group searching for it. 


  • Original movie trailer for each movie
  • Easter egg introductions from And Sidaris 
  • For the first  time all 12 L.E.T.H.A.L. films available in one collection
  • Starring Playboy Playmates and Penthouse Pets along with Pat Morita and Erik Estrada
  • The Andy Sidaris biography available on Hardback from  publisher Heavy Metal Magazine
  • Perfect blend of Bullets Bombs and Babes for the target demographic
  • Collectively, the individual films have sold over 75k units at MSRPs of $14.98 or higher each!
  • These films were popular main-stays on cable and premium channels including Cinemax, USA and more!

Girls, Guns, and G-Strings trailer

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