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Exploitation / Horror

Blood Island Blu-ray Collection (Severin Films)

Severin Films Presents THE BLOOD ISLAND COLLECTION – The Complete BLOOD ISLAND Trilogy Plus The Acclaimed Prequel, Newly Remastered On Blu-Ray For The First Time Ever! They’ve been called “defiantly lurid” (1000MisspentHours.com), “delightfully depraved” (FlickAttack.com) and “blood-soaked and naked broad-filled” (MrSkin.com). Their cult of fans are worldwide. And for more than fifty years, these four… Continue reading

Action / Exploitation

Caged Fury (1990 / USA)

“They Learned Their Lesson The Hard Way.” Kathie (Roxanna Michaels) is innocent when they lock her up … but that won’t last long. Women in chains, a deviant warden and murderous guards … no wonder the cops claim Honeywell State Prison doesn’t exist. Her only hope of being freed lies with Harley-riding hero Victor (Erik… Continue reading