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Baxter (1989) Blu-ray: A twisted black comedy

Scorpion Releasing, with StudioCanal, is releasing director Jerome Boivin’s very interesting and disturbing black comedy, Baxter (1989) on Blu-ray.

The label has also confirmed that the upcoming release will feature new audio commentary recorded by filmmaker Mark Savage.

A white Bull Terrier named Baxter is given to an elderly woman by her daughter. As time passes, the dog develops aggressive and murderous behavior in order to be adopted by another family. Cinematography by Yves Angelo (A Heart in Winter).

Nominally a black comedy, but is one of those films where the horror of the situation outweighs any desire you have to laugh.

Michael W. Phillips, Jr. — Goatdog’s Movies

Release date: May 18, 2021
Genre: Comedy / Horror

DirectorJérôme Boivin
CastLise Delamare, Jean Mercure, Jacques Spiesser
Production Year1989
Discs1 Blu-ray Disc
Run Time82 minutes
StudioScorpion Releasing / StudioCanal

Baxter (1989) trailer

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