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Comedy / Sci-Fi

Pet Shop (Full Moon Features Blu-ray)

From father and son producers Albert and Charles Band comes this completely crazy and totally twisted Moonbeam Entertainment family film classic, available now for the first time on any format ...

Fiend (1980 – Massacre Video Blu-ray)

An evil spirit enters a graveyard and reanimates the corpse of music teacher Eric Longfellow. However, in order to stay alive, he has to wrap his hands around his victims’ throats to absorb ...
Horror / Thriller

Halloween (1978 – Lionsgate Blu-ray)

Notice: The picture quality of this video does not reflect the picture quality of the blu-ray or DVD in this package.   Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, ...
Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

Night of the Creeps (Eureka Blu-ray)

When an alien experiment goes awry, it crashes to Earth in 1959 and infects a young college student. 27 years later, his cryogenically-frozen body is thawed out by fraternity pledges, and the ...

Cross of Iron (Hen’s Tooth Video Blu-ray)

Cross of Iron is a riveting and violent tale of men on the front lines of battle and it is the only war film directed by master filmmaker Sam Peckinpah. Set in 1943, this explosive epic centers ...

Matrix Trilogy, The (Blu-ray Set)

All three Matrix movies in 4K Ultra HD from Warner Brothers. This blu-ray bundle includes: The Matrix (1999) The Matrix Reloaded (2003) The Matrix Revolutions (2003) Shipping starts on October 2, 2018
88 Films / Comedy

Porky’s Revenge (88 Films Blu-ray)

Long demanded by fans of the franchise, and by followers of eighties sex comedies in general, Porky’s Revenge was released in1985 and marked the conclusion of the blockbuster teen-centered ...